Team Speed Fitness - Food For Fitness

Have you wondered what makes a healthy diet? Every day the media bombards us with buzz words such as trans-fat, cholesterol, organic food, fish oil, whole grains, antioxidants, mercury, and much, much, more. Who can keep track of it all? No wonder we're all confused. Sticking to your New Year Resolution can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Forget about fad diets, restrictive meal plans, and calorie counting. None of it works! It's all too rigid, making it impossible to stick with it through the long haul. It's all a waste of time if you can't make it a part of your lifestyle! Instead, watch our "Food for Fitness" video. We will clear up all of the confusion by giving you easy-to-follow tips while shopping at the supermarket. It all starts at the market. Remember, if it doesn't belong in your cart, it doesn't belong in your stomach.

Chapter 1: Intro (What makes a healthy diet?)
Chapter 2: Produce (The most important part of your diet: fruits & vegetables.)

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Chapter 3: Meat, Fish, & Poultry (Pick lean choices for high quality protein, healthy fat, & and minimal cholesterol.)
Chapter 4: Dairy (Including milk, soymilk, yogurt, butter & margarine and more.)
Chapter 5: Eggs (Yolk vs white vs egg beaters, cage free/free range and more.)
Chapter 6: Grains (Discussion about peanut butter and jelly included by law.)
Chapter 7: Junk Food (Yes, we go there. Watch the video and find out why.)
Chapter 8: Conclusion