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Welcome to Team Speed Fitness
Train like you play and play like you train

Welcome to Team Speed Fitness. Be sure to view our FREE nutrition video: Food for Fitness. This video will teach you how to make intelligent choices at the supermarket to support your healthy eating habits.

We offer a broad range of customizable services to help you attain your health, wellness, fitness, and sports performance goals. Team Speed Fitness can help whether you are training for a particular sport, trying to earn an athletic scholarship, want to look and feel better, or are interested in reducing your risk of injury and/or disease. We are committed to providing excellent, personalized service to our clients. Along the way we will make sure you're having fun and learning important principles about health and fitness.

Thank you for visiting our site. Feel free to browse and let us know if you have any questions, davedifabio@teamspeedfitness.com We are devoted to helping you achieve your goals.

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