Team Speed Fitness - Testimonials

"Dave DiFabio is a catalyst for who I am today. 13 years ago, he helped me, an overweight, injured. individual, become a lean athlete. He helped me manage the pain from my surgeries to get moving to achieve my goals. I am now a Personal Trainer as well and a Licensed Massage Therapist, and everything I do with my clients, is based on passing on the gift of health that Dave has given to me."

- James Nicholson

"Dear Dave,

My son has worked with many coaches and teams and has been part of many workouts over the years. He said your clinic was the best and he learned the most. He takes the workout booklet you designed for him to the high school football field for each of his training sessions. Thanks again."

Joan Stein

"I strongly recommend Dave DiFabio to anyone interested in achieving a peak level of physical performance. Dave started training my two soccer playing sons about a year ago. Within three to four months, the difference in both sons' athletic ability was obvious to anyone who had seen them both before and after Dave worked with them.

One son is now an NCAA Division I college soccer player and the other is a first team all-county high school soccer player who is being heavily recruited by a number of college soccer coaches. Dave didn't give my sons soccer talent, but his well researched, sport-specific training program has been a key factor in helping my sons reach their true athletic potential."

Sam Winslow

I have been coaching soccer at Rutgers for 28 years. †During that time I have worked with many strength, fitness, speed and agility coaches, but I have never worked with anyone who brings the best out of athletes the way Dave does. †He has a great way about him that allows him to challenge the athletes to be the best, while always making it fun, yet intense. †I have him train my son and thatís probably the highest compliment I can give him.

Bob Reasso
Athletic Director, Husson University
Former Head Soccer Coach, Men's Soccer, Rutgers University Scarlet Knights

I highly recommend Dave DiFabio as a personal trainer for anyone looking for a training program catered to their specific needs and abilities.

I am a bariatric patient and started working with Dave when I was over 300 pounds and wanted to get healthier to minimize the risks of surgery. †In addition to the weight issue, I had balance problems due to my size and lack of coordination. †Unlike other personal trainers that I tried, Dave was able to create sets of exercises to meet my abilities and needs while being understanding and non-judgmental. †For a large woman, encouragement and patience are vital. †Daveís workouts are challenging without being overwhelming. †He pays close attention to what muscle groups your body is using to do a set of moves and will adjust the exercise if it is not working quite right for you. †As you get better and more confident with each exercise, he adds to it in order to keep it challenging and motivating.

As the weeks progressed, my stamina, cardio fitness and strength increased. †I even noticed that standing in the train on the way to work was much easier as my balance improved. †As a result of diet and my hard work with Dave, I was able to shed more than 75 pounds prior to my surgery. †In fact, one of the surgeons thanked me for helping make their job so much easier.

Now that I am post-surgery, Dave is revamping our workouts to meet my new needs in this recovery period, and I continue to see real results. †We can keep working all of the muscle groups, but need to show special care with my abdominal area until I build the strength back up there. Again, unlike other trainers, Dave does not try to fit you into a cookie-cutter workout. †He works with your abilities and circumstances and continually tailors the workout to your needs. †

Because of these things, I confidently recommend Dave DiFabio to anyone wanting to improve their fitness, whether they have special needs or not. †As long as you are willing to put in the work, you will get results.

Joey E

Dave DiFabio knows what heís doing. Heís up on the latest studies, exercise trends, and training methodologiesóand heís come up with a few of his own. He knows what is worth your time and what isnít, and thatís why I rely on him to provide safe and effective workout programs for Menís Fitness readers.

≠Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., fitness editor of Menís Fitness magazine

"My brother-in-fitness and fellow MF-er* Dave DiFabio has the extraordinary ability to combine textbook ideas, personal experience and practical strategies to create challenging and effective training programs for athletes of all levels. When Coach Dave speaks, you should listen!"

(*Men's Fitness magazine training team member)

Joe Stankowski
Creator of "This Workout Doesn't Suck"
and caffeine-inspired fitness coach