Two "No Gym Necessary" Workouts

By Dave DiFabio

After a brutal winter full of snow and flooding in the Northeast, I think we might finally be in the clear. It was a nice day today. I've noticed that more people are beginning to run outdoors again. Whatever you're doing, I hope you're enjoying it. Get outside and play a little B-Ball, go for a run, go hiking, go nuts....go rock climbing. As I've written in the past, there's no need to torture yourself on a seat with pedals that travels nowhere, a conveyor belt that might throw you off the back of it, or on a bench that could cause a crushed larynx. (Remember this story out of USC in Sept 2009: ). Remember.... Train Like You Play, Play Like You Train! Some of us always do that. We'll bare the cold, wind, rain, and snow. Some of us have the appropriate indoor facilities that allow us to avoid the elements. Now that the weather is beginning to turn.....NO EXCUSES, Go outside!

As the weather continues to get nicer many will begin to make travel plans. In fact, some of my clients will be traveling to professional conferences for business over the next few weeks. It's that time of year. Some hotels have great fitness facilities. Some try to convince you that one of their utility closet is a fully equipped fitness center. Others offer nothing. Some hotels charge an extra daily fee for use of their facility. There's really no need to spend the cash... or worse, skip the workout. You can get an effective workout in your room with no equipment. Below is a sample body-weight superset workout I designed for a client that was away from home and not sure if she'd have access to a fitness center. The workout below is not for everyone. Exercises, reps, sets, and rest periods may need to be modified depending on your needs, goals, and possible medical conditions. Those are the details for which you would hire me.

Spring practice has begun for my soccer athletes. With the weather getting nicer it's going to be harder to get them back in the gym. That's ok, we take their workouts outdoors as well. With all of the space that the great outdoors can provide we can do some interesting agility drills. The cool thing with many agility drills is that they can be used to design a speed, agility, and quickness program or to design a conditioning program (no conveyor belts or seats with pedals needed). Below is a sample agility workout. Just like the routine above, the one below is not for everyone. You might have questions about proper cutting and deceleration techniques. Where should I plant my lead foot? Where should my knees, hips, and shoulders be aligned? I'm ready to answer those questions for you. I'm ready to get to work. How about you?

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Till next time.... Train Like You Play & Play Like You Train

Dave DiFabio MA, CSCS, USAW

Owner/Strength & Conditioning Coach - Team Speed Fitness LLC