5 Tips for a Fast, Fitter You

By Dave DiFabio

Here are five things to keep in mind as you move forward towards a fitter new you in 2012:

Did you know that Dynamic Stretching can warm-up specific joints and muscles that will be used in your workout thus improving your force and power production during your exercise routine? (Not sure what dynamic stretching is? I'd be happy to help you with that).

Did you know that dehydration could impede blood flow, thus impeding nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscles, thus reducing your strength and endurance? So drink up! Drink 8-10 eight ounce glasses of water each day, plus 16 oz 2 to 3 hours before exercise and 8 to 16 oz just before the workout. During exercise 6 to 8 oz every 15 minutes is a good rule of thumb. Sports drinks can be consumed for intense exercise sessions lasting more than 60 min.

Did you know that incorporating compound movements (mulitjoint exercises) such as Squats, Lunges, Bench Press, Push Presses, Dead Lift, etc, into your routine is not only great for building muscle and strength but for increasing bone density as well?

Did you know that interrupted sleep, consistent muscle soreness, joint pain, irritability, chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, lack of energy, impaired strength and endurance could be signs and symptoms of overtraining? Sometimes what your body needs most is rest. Sometimes less is more.

Did you know that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is much more effective for weight loss than Slow, Low Intensity Steady Heart Rate Training? So get off of the recumbent bike, put the magazine back in the rack (Bonus Tip: if you can read and workout at the same time, you’re not really working out), and try a HIIT inspired class/workout such as boot camp, Boxing/MMA training, Body Pump, etc.


Dave DiFabio MA, CSCS, USAW

Owner/Strength & Conditioning Coach - Team Speed Fitness LLC